Our affiliate program is free to join. Simply put our affiliate program means we'll pay you a commission each time you refer us a customer who buys something.

How it works

Once you share your unique Airabela link on social media, an article or any piece of content and someone buys via something from our store from that link you will get credited with a commission.

      • We pay 15% for each sale you generate.
      • We pay the commissions monthly on the 15th of the month for the previous month.
      • We pay the commissions via Paypal, no minimums.

You may not spam or send out emails promoting your Airabela link.
You must be over 18 to join the Airabela affiliate program.
Referral cookies expire in 30 days.
All commissions are payable in US dollars.
Any and all chargebacks will be debited from the affiliate's account balance.

We actively monitor all traffic, clicks, click-throughs, sales, registrations, impressions, leads, payouts and other program-related activities for potential fraud. (Activities) If we suspect that your account has been used in a fraudulent manner, your account will be deactivated effective immediately and with no notice to you pending further investigation.

If you add Activities, or inflate Activities through the use of fraudulent means of traffic generation, as determined solely by us, you will forfeit all of the pending payouts, and your Affiliate account will be terminated effective immediately. Airabela reserves sole judgment in determining fraud and you agree to be bound by any and all such determinations. It is your OBLIGATION to prove to us that you have NOT engaged in fraud. Airabela will hold your payout-related payments in ‘Pending Status’ until you have satisfactorily provided evidence that demonstrates to us that you have not engaged in fraud. If you are unable to provide us with satisfactory evidence that you have not engaged in fraud within seven (7) days of your payouts being placed in “Pending Status,” then we reserve the right to terminate your Affiliate account and cancel payment, at our sole discretion and without any further obligations to You. If payouts have been previously issued, and we deem these payments have derived from fraudulent activities, we will avail ourselves of all means necessary to recuperate said funds as well as expenses incurred to take such action, including but not limited to attorneys fees.

The commission is calculated based on the retail price of an item (minus shipping and taxes). For example, if you refer a customer who buys something for $49.99, you will earn a commission of $7.50 for that sale. If the custom returns at any time within the first 30 days after you referred him (or her) to us, you will get a commission for any of those sales as well. Your tracking cookie is valid for 30 days.

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